When to Paint the House

  • Moisture: Do not paint a surface that is directly being rained on. But if it is rainy outside and the surface is dry, you can probably paint your house. When the relative humidity (RH) level reaches 50 percent, you are pushing into an uncomfortable range and the paint will dry slower.
  • Temperature: Temperature affects the paint curing process. Direct sun on the surface can cause the paint to cure in unattractive waves and ripples. On the other hand, temperatures below 34 F to 37 F mean that the paint simply will not dry.
  • Time of Day and Season: The best time for exterior painting is between late morning (after the dew has evaporated) and mid-afternoon (early enough to allow the paint to dry before temperatures drop). Summer makes exterior painting comfortable, but shoulder seasons like late spring and early fall tend to have less pronounced temperature spikes.