Most people think of the interior of their home when they consider renovation or redecoration, which is quite understandable, since we all spend more time inside our homes than in the back or front yard. This often leads to outdoor spaces being neglected, which is a shame, because they too can be both functional and appealing.

Even though we don’t spend as much time outside, it still doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t look into the option of decorating that space in the most attractive way possible. Not only would we improve the curb appeal, and consequently the retail price of the property, but we’d also have a much-improved area that we can use when the weather conditions are favorable.

That’s why we’d like to suggest the following ideas that would certainly make the exterior of your house much more attractive and practical.

House number

You may think there’s not much in the house number when it comes to exterior design, but that’s not the case. Namely, you don’t want to have a cheap, plastic house number barely hanging on the wall, since it creates a rather bad image of the whole household.

Instead, make sure the style of your number fits the age and style of your home. When it comes to where to locate it, it’s usually the best idea to have it underneath an exterior light, because that makes it easier to read.